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Prima NOTA UAB began its activities at the start of 2010 (then known as PRIMA SERVICE UAB) by representing well-known German manufacturers and providing full logistics services to our first major foreign customers. In 2013, a decision was made to separate international sales and business consultancy services from international logistics, and at the end of the same year the company was restructured.

We are a successful and rapidly growing international business agency and also operate internationally in the fields of wholesale and business consultancy. We represent furniture component manufacturers and provide consultancy for manufacturers of other products that want to establish themselves in Central, Northern and Eastern Europe. These companies are well-known globally and are leaders in their respective fields in Europe. We are constantly increasing our number of partners because we grow together with them. Our region of operations currently consists of the Baltic states, Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.


For local furniture manufacturers we offer an unique opportunity. We bring together foreign suppliers and local manufacturers and provide them the option of buying products directly from suppliers’ factories. All terms of supply are proposed directly from the components manufacturing plants. Such sales system is particularly popular in Western Europe, ensuring the best prices and services (continuously provided by the local agent of a supplier – us) to a local furniture manufacturer. With major improvements in production and logistics in recent years, it is possible to directly purchase even very small amounts of products from foreign suppliers.

We represent only the best of the best, which are leaders in their appropriate fields of operation. We represent the following well-known companies: BURG F.W. Lüling KG (lock systems), PÖTTKER Auszugsysteme GmbH (table extension mechanisms), ILSE – TECHNIK GmbH (table lifting mechanisms), SCHOCK METALLWERK GmbH (ball-bearing slides), TECSAL SpA (components for drawer cabinets and filing cabinets), DIEFFEBI SpA (exceptionally designed metal office furniture), UCB – UNITED CAST BAR Ltd. (high-performance continuous cast-iron products). More information about these companies is available below.

We are a wholesale furniture components company. From our warehouse in Vilnius we sell BURG F.W. Lüling KG furniture locks. We distribute these products to furniture manufacturers in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. Our customers are the largest manufacturers of metal and carcase furniture in the Baltic states.

We have worked with BURG for many years and that is why we know this company and its products very well. We supply BURG deposit coin locks and cam locks for storage lockers to Lithuania’s largest shopping centres and companies that provide maintenance services to them. We also offer electronic furniture locks. These were developed using unique technologies and designs, and have various functions and are suitable for public facilities as well. In the lower-price segment we have unique mechanical code locks. We constantly offer innovative products, such as sash locks. If you have a furniture project for which a special lock is required, we will offer the best option.

We offer a full consultancy package implemented in stages for international companies that begin operations in a new region.

First of all, we find out the customer’s needs, goals and potential, and analyse their products, advantages, disadvantages and target segments.We prepare a market analysis with lists of potential customers and perform a primary market assessment, as well as providing several scenarios for future cooperation.

During the second stage (if the project proves to be economically sound), we prepare a detailed action plan. We also prepare advertising materials and literature in the required languages and maintain direct contact with our client’s potential customers. Together with their export manager, we meet with the most interested potential customers, provide interpretation services and fully assist in negotiations and help resolve any other issues.

During the third stage, we invest in joint success with the customer in the region.We discuss and create a sales strategy, provide professional training for employees who will work with the client’s products and also cover logistics.

Contact us and we will help you find the instruments you need for successful business in our region.If you have doubts about our performance or competence, we have partners and customers in almost the whole of Europe – they will gladly provide feedback.


UAB Prima NOTA is an exclusive and single representative office of the German company BURG F.W. Lüling KG in the Baltic States, Finland, Russia, Ukraine and partially in some other European countries. We create and execute the strategy of sales and logistics of the company Burg in Central, Northern and Eastern Europe.

BURG F.W. Lüling KG is a company incorporated in Germany in 1890 which manufactures locking systems. For all Burg locking systems, a high level of quality in product design, development and production is a matter of course.

With more than 120 years of traditions Burg serves manufacturers of products made of metal and steel, furniture made of wood, window fittings and switch cabinets. Main products of the company are cam locks, sash locks, code combination locks, handles, deposit coin locks. Especially successful and innovative product of the company BURG is an electronic locks for furniture family called B-SMART-LOCK.

For more information about BURG F.W. Lüling KG please visit


UAB Prima NOTA is an exclusive and single trade agent of the German company Pöttker Auszugsysteme GmbH in the Baltic States.

The company Pöttker manufactures table extension systems and table frames. It was founded in 1923 by Wilhelm Pöttker as a fabrication shop. In 1966 Norbert Pöttker developed the first aluminium extension systems for banks and insurances. At the beginning of the 90ies Pöttker GmbH developed table extensions by using the same technology but larger profile sections. By using a mix of steel, aluminium and stainless steel many diverse solutions are possible with any one section. Meanwhile Pöttker developed table frames and profile systems as well.

The final assembly takes place also in the companies Pöttker Polska, Pöttker doo (Serbia) and Pöttker USA. Modern tool making as well as prototype manufacturing combined with engineering design ensure a continuously improved product. We are ready to face any worldwide challenge customers may present to us.

For more information about Pöttker Auszugsysteme GmbH please visit


UAB Prima NOTA is an exclusive and single sales agent of the German company „ILSE – Technik GmbH“. This company is already successfully supplying the Baltic manufacturers of tables and wants to expand the export activities within Baltic countries together with Prima NOTA as their partner. Since the foundation of the company in 1890, Ilse – Technik guarantees high quality Made in Germany products for reasonable prices. For more information about „ILSE – Technik GmbH“ please visit

UAB Prima NOTA is an exclusive and single representative office of the German company Schock Metallwerk GmbH in the Baltic States.

Schock Metallwerk GmbH is a globally recognized expert in the field of ball bearing slides and special profiles. Customers from various industrial sectors have been relying on our experience and expert knowledge. For more than 40 years, Schock Metall has been developing and manufacturing telescopic ball bearing slides in the field of linear motion technology. The superiority of these systems is based on the advantageous physical characteristics of the ball bearing slide.

Schock Metall specializes in cold-rolled profiles made to specific customer specifications. High-precision Schock roll forming technology works with extremely tight tolerances. Schock also facilitates a high degree of material utilization and practically unlimited design possibilities.

Schock Metall stands for superb innovative strength, reliable project delivery, and quality “Made in Germany”. Schock’s quality standards are the market’s benchmark.

For more information about Schock Metallwerk GmbH please visit


UAB Prima NOTA is an exclusive and single sales agent of the Italian company TECSAL SpA in the Baltic States and Russia.

Tecsal specializes in the production and sale, both in Italy and abroad, of technical furnishing components, especially for pedestals, cabinets and other storage units.

The main Tecsal products are the metal drawers. They are the result of a long in-depth study process leading to the creation of a revolutionary product. Metal drawers are made in a single production phase using just one mould.

A patent that reduces production costs and allows us to offer a very competitive price. Tecsal metal drawers replace traditional PVC drawers and are sturdier, more stable and more durable, as well as accessorizable.They confer more value upon pedestals, utility units and office furniture, transforming them into practical, valuable and quality items that will last in time.

For more information about TECSAL please visit:

UAB Prima NOTA is an exclusive and single sales agent of the Italian company DIEFFEBI spA in the Baltic States.

Dieffebi manufactures metal furniture systems for offices and community institutions, and residential units, e.g. drawers and other containers, bookcases, cabinets. Flexible, functional office furniture solutions, as pedestals, filing cabinets, lateral files, characterized by a pleasantly essential design that can be easily accommodated in any furnishing context.

Established in 1976 in San Vendemiano (Treviso), in one of the most important and dynamic industrial clusters of Italy and Europe, Dieffebi has become a reference point in the metal furniture sector internationally. Metal drawer pedestals, storage units, bookcases, cabinets for the office, the home and the community: every Dieffebi product is made in Italy by qualified personnel, using the most advanced technologies. This ensures the highest quality standards, accuracy and durability over time.

For more information about DIEFFEBI spA please visit

UAB Prima NOTA is an exclusive and single sales agent of the international company UCB – UNITED CAST BAR Ltd. in the Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

UCB is the most flexible continuous cast bar foundry in the world, with the largest portfolio of sizes, grades and profiles. It is the home of Unibar continuous cast iron, produced in 2 of Europe’s most prestigious foundries and distributed through the United Cast Bar distribution network.

Unibar is available in a range of grades, both in flake and spheroidal graphite to suit the application’s demands. Produced in rounds, squares and rectangles as standard, and shapes specifically cast to the customer’s requirements.

Unibar is known for and extremely suitable for those applications whose geometry is close to the standard sections. Then Unibar is the answer, it is produced in a multitude of forms to meet customer designs and requirements to be as near to final product shape as possible. Unibar profiles offers many advantages, gives significant improvements and savings.

For more information about UCB – UNITED CAST BAR Ltd. please visit




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